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prayers needed…

January 11, 2013

Hey Y’all


I just say this from a acquaintance of mine. Pastor Jack Miller is scheduled for surgery in the morning. As I am writing this, it is 1:30 AM. This surgery will determine his future. I copied this directly off his blog.


“ In less than 12 hours, I will go into surgery and by the end of the day so much more knowledge will be uncovered and much will be decided – much beyond what has been revealed.

Less than two months ago, I was told that I had stage 4, incurable cancer and that my life could only be extended. Basically, I was a lost cause; but the last thing one doctor said before he left the room was, ‘Miracles do happen sometimes…’

For weeks, so many around the world have been praying for that miracle that I have asked for of God. That our great and powerful Lord would move as only He can move and do what only He can do and touch me in such a way that only He can receive the glory and credit for what has happened – that I walk out of that hospital and drive away from Cleveland cancer free with a lot of years to live for Him.

I didn’t care if He moved through the doctors or by a miraculous shot of lightening through the ceiling; I just wanted Him to move on my behalf.

In the morning, every person who has prayed for me and with me will find out if we have been praying in the will of God or according to our own will. But how ever this turns out, God will still be on His throne and will still be full of infinite love and mercy.

The greatest comeback in history is the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, but God wants a comeback to happen in every person’s life – if we would just follow Him and listen to His voice. And there is a comeback awaiting each person who follows Him and heeds His Word; but we must trust in Him and His Word for His Spirit to make our hearts and souls come alive for Him in our lives.

That’s what happened to Peter and it can happen to us the same way; but like Peter, it must start with repentance and then reconciliation. Only then will we be restored and rejuvenated for the Lord Jesus Christ.

And I hope that you and me, where ever we are, become a great comeback story for the King of Kings.

Until next time, go win one for the good guys.”


I would like to ask that if you have time, throw out a prayer for Jack and his family. I am so blessed and my mind focuses on things that really are not important. I am sure that most of you guys are like me. Jack is awaiting news that will determine how is life will go from here. Please support him, in your own way.



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  1. Been praying and will do so especially now.

    • Thanks Julie,

      The world needs more people like you. I think you have a calling to do something special. I also think that you know what it is. Dont be afraid, just do it and be the best in the world at it!

  2. Egg permalink

    Yep, I’m sending my positive vibes into the universe. The world needs all the good guys it can get.

    • You are the best, Erica and I say that with zero sarcasm. I know that you are a good person, I know that you are a better friend and a wonderful mother. I appreciate your willingness to speak about the things that are important to you and support those who you have never met. I really value our friendship and I do look forward to seeing your name in print.

      I view prayers a little differently than most people. When I pray, I do believe that our “Higher Power” call him what you want hears it and acts on it in accordance to his will. However, I believe there is a second function. First, I digress. I believe in Angels. I believe that we are literally covered with Angels. Billions of Angels, on each one of us. Their job is to comfort me, direct me and protect me.

      When I pray for someone, like my friend Jack. I dispatch a group of Angels and they go directly to Jack and comfort him. Kind of like a spiritual e-mail sent directly to his inbox. Some call it positive vibes, good karma, nice thoughts. They are all the same and they are all helpful to both the sender and the recipient.

  3. Rob, Prayers have been sent!! Miracles do happen. Sometimes we just don’t identify them as such. We forget to read the message that came with the gift.

    • Karlene,

      I feel like I have known you forever, although in reality it has only been a month of so since we started communicating. Maybe that is because we have a similar background and we have been trained to immediately bond with someone that we have never worked with before. Or maybe you are a easy person to get to know.

      I do believe in Miracles and I believe that we in human form can be a Miracle. Life is a blessing and I am afraid of only one thing. That is forgetting that I am blessed and to never take life for granted.

      Okay, I have told a lie. I am afraid of something else too: snakes. So everything I said earlier and snakes. Now I am right with the universe again and yes I am looking upwards for lightning bolts. Ha ha!

      • Thank you for the nice reply. I do feel the same, too.
        Except for snakes. I don’t worry about them as much as being trapped in a small box, or afraid of heights. Oh wait… what do I do for a living? lol. I think we must always remind ourselves of those blessings. Life gets busy and we forget about gratitude, sometimes.
        Finding kindred spirits along the way is a wonderful giftt!

  4. My thoughts and prayers go out to all. If you have questions about cancer lingo and technical mumbo jumbo, please don’t hesitate to ask. I have been a professionsal cancer researcher for many years.

    • Kris,

      That is a wonderful offer. Thank you for reaching out to Jack and his family. I will pass that on. It would be nice if you would find the cure to this disease and put us all out of our misery. Of course, you would have to take up writing full time.

      Until then, I am glad that you are on the job

  5. Rob,

    I pray for the Miracle. Pastor Jack sounds like a great man indeed.

    • Big Joe,

      Thanks for the prayers. I cannot imagine how difficult it would be to deal with something like this. He is doing it with honor, dignity and passion. He is inspirational.

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