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Just a couple more housekeeping items…

January 10, 2013



Hey Y’all,

I hope all is well in your world. Life is good on this side of the internet. I have a three people I want to highlight before I dive back into writing. Like you guys, the holiday season for me was great but it also took me out of the rhythm of writing and now I am finding that it is difficult to get the momentum rolling again.  I hate when life gets in the way of work, but I never expect anything else and I know you don’t either.


Over the holidays I met two new people in the blogosphere and I would like to introduce them to you now. Meet Karlene Petitt. She describes herself as a Seattle based A330 pilot, Grandma, Author, Mentor, Motivator, Speaker and Artist. That is a lot of hats to wear and I think she wears them well.




Her blog ‘Flight To Success.’




She has three books to her credit and has formed a publishing company. In addition to being an Internationally Qualified Pilot for a Major Airline, she mentors several young people and ladies in the worlds of aviation and writing. A person like her has every reason to be proud of her accomplishments. To the contrary, she is low keyed and down to Earth. A very approachable person, she dedicates every Friday post to highlight others. Additionally, almost every post that she has written is about others. I find her attitude refreshing and her spirit wonderfully kind, compassionate and friendly.


The second person I met over the holidays is Kristen Elise. She is a biologist with a major pharmaceutical company who specifically researches cures for cancer. She has finished her second book called the Vesuvius Isotope and has decided to self-publish. Best of luck to her in all of her endeavors.


Her blog is here:


murder lab


Her blog known as the murder lab, started because she had a problem. This is a problem that we all share and probably one of the reasons we are all online. She was having difficulty finding a thriller/suspense writers, agents and publishers to connect with. Most of us would sit in a corner and cry. Not her, she started a blog with the specific goal/focus of uniting the suspense genera. She is well on her way in this quest and I highly encourage all of you to check out her site. Great links and wonderful contacts.


She also has a ‘Find An Expert’ section that is wonderful for someone like me. We all need some help from time to time. We all need to ask some very pointed questions and who better to answer them than an expert in a field who also is a writer. Someone who knows what you need and how to say it, this can be a great resource for us all.


Finally, my good friend and fellow warrior from the Writer’s Digest writing prompts, Mike Swift is starting a reading group. His goal is to read book on the craft of writing and then discuss the book with a small group of writers. If you are looking to learn the craft and become a better writer, this is the place to be. He is calling it a Progressive Book Club. Go to his site here:




This concludes the list of housekeeping items. I have some things on my mind and am mentally debating if I want to address them on this site. I am not sure if I want to wade into the arguments of gun control and more generally the political system.  If you have any thoughts on hearing about this debate, I would be glad to know about that. Don’t hold your breath because I may decide that it isn’t worth the controversy it would create.




Until then, keep smiling.


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  1. Jill Akers permalink

    My comment, I’m sure you already know, so I will spare you, but if you keeping your own guns is important to you, you shouldn’t be bashful because you will regret it later- Dad

    • Is it bad when your dad taunts you?

      Everyone say hi to my dad, Bob. He is a man among men and a man who taught me how to live with honor, dignity, respect and peace. Thanks Dad!

  2. Wow, Rob…you know some rather interesting people. I’ll have to check out the thriller/suspense lady. Even if one doesn’t specifically write in that genre, it’s good info for all who write. Teaches us how to give our action and feelings that thrilling flair.

    Thanks for alerting your side of the blogosphere to the PBC! If you like the book we’re going to do and want to join in for the month, come on! You can drop in and out at anytime.

    • Thanks Mike. Good look with the book club. Wish I had a little more time in the day to join in. Right now my focus is editing. Cant wait to be a reader again.

  3. Egg permalink

    Find an Expert is an excellent idea. I’m at that point of reviewing that I’m into the nitty gritty, spending alot of time surfing and reading, trying to make stuff I know little about sound credible.

    Thanks for the tips. I’ll check out all three ladies, especially the pretty one in the blue shirt.

    And about your political views, I will calmly and passionately argue with you about U.S. gun laws. That’s all I will say at this point. Your blog, your content.

    • I thought so as well. Always tough to make stuff up.

      The lady in the blue shirt is really cute. I am kind of smitten.

      If everyone was like you, there would never be any problems in the world. We need more people who can be calm and passionate. I appreciate you and your views as well. I am just not sure I want to dive into that pool. I am just not sure if there is a way to come out better. I am conflicted by a desire to inject login into the discussion. But the fires are burning so bright on both sides than I don’t know that anyone will listen.

      This all stems from a comment that someone made to me following the shooting in Newtown, CT. I was encouraging others to support the town and school by writing letters. The comments that were made to me were made by a person who has no idea of what I believe. They attacked me for simply wanting to support the town. In the course of the discussion, I told this person that when the time was right I would make my views known.

      The time is right now and I am not sure it helps me or betters the dialogue by making my views known. However, I know that my views are totally different than what you might think. I am not ruled by anyone who is in power and I believe in the reasonable approach to all problems.

      So here I am trying to decide if I want to jump into that pool. Because once it is written, many people think that you can never change your mind. I just am not sure I want to plant that flag on the hill and be put into a category.

      • Egg permalink

        I’d love to have the discussion with you, somewhere, some time, but writing emotionally is a tricky business. (Like that email we send to our boss in a fit of annoyance and regret five minutes later.)

        ‘I know my views are totally different from what you might think’ intrigues me. I confess I didn’t comment on one of your Newtown posts because I disagreed with some of your views, but I sure respect that you have them, and your heart is pure gold.

        Maybe you could try a personal essay to air and organise and maybe eventually present your ideas. I’ve considered this for things I feel strongly about. When I figure out how to write one, I might even try it.

        I eagerly await whatever you decide, even if it’s a page in a journal I’ll never see and never know about.

      • Eggie,

        You are a freaking genius. If you are not a member of Mensa, you should be. I got it and it is all thanks to you. Again, no sarcasm. I really mean it.

        Maybe someday we will have that discussion, in Paris with Swifty, Jules, and Big Joe. Naw, we will have more important things to talk about like how we are going to divide up the writing universe.

  4. Hi Rob,
    Thank you so much for the promotion of Murder Lab. On a much more personal, and non-book-related note, I read your post above about a friend’s cancer. I want to extend my best wishes and also offer my advice if you or any of your readers have questions. When my cousin was recently in the same situation, he jokingly referred to me as his personal cancer consultant. In the end, he lost his battle with metastatic prostate cancer, but I know he appreciated the straightforward advice and I was able to make it easier for him and his family to make tough decisions. Sometimes it is hard for people to interpret conflicting advice from doctors. I can help with that. Anyone who has questions about cancer and its treatments is welcome to contact me.

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