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We are the Champions of The Go-Daddy Bowl…

January 8, 2013



Hey Y’all,


Quick post tonight. Just want to thank all of you for the positive thoughts. Last night exactly 24 hours ago, I woke up the family when I screamed. The defense of Arkansas State finally turned away Kent State with just 52 seconds left in the game. Down by four points, the Golden Flashes of KSU were forced to attempt a fourth down conversion of eight yards. They QB zigged, zagged and scrambled for six yards before being tackled at the ASU 23 yard line. As the play developed, I think I yelled at the TV 17 times before the play was over. My wife told me today that I woke her up and my daughter also claimed to have heard me as well.  My son can sleep though anything.




It was a defensive struggle the whole way and both teams played good, tough football. ASU was led by their interim head coach. KSU was led by their former head coach who was hired by Perdue. This means that both teams lost their head coaches to higher profile programs.  Coach Darrell Hazell accepted the job at Perdue about a month ago. But he asked for permission to continue to coach his team in their bowl game. This was Kent State’s first bowl game in 40 years of football. They were ranked number 25 in the country and the team is full of players coach Hazell recruited.


ksu coach


Most football coaches at this level, are in it for themselves. They parlay success at one school into an opportunity at a bigger school. Once there, they will try to win quickly so they can continue to rise through the ranks. They threaten to move on in order to enrich themselves with a new contract and the very next year they will finish the season declaring their intent on staying forever. Two days later, they are being announced as the new head coach at a different school.


Coach Hazell did leave for a better position and for more money. I would never be critical of anyone who takes advantage of an better opportunity. I am only critical of people when they upgrade but have no honor, dignity or self-respect.  Coach Hazell is a man of honor and respect. For a month he worked for Purdue and he worked at Kent State for his players. His display of loyalty is refreshing. I salute him for doing the right thing and staying to finish the season.  I am tempted to bash the two former Red Wolf coaches for their lack of integrity but that serves no purpose.


asu wins





“I’m going to watch the Disney Channel!”



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