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Happy New Year Y’all

January 1, 2013



Hey Y’all


I hope everyone has recovered from our annual evening of friends, festivities, and frivolity.  I also trust y’all are looking forward to 2013. So far we (United States Citizens) have survived the fiscal cliff and all of us survived the failed Mayan prophesies.


I woke up this morning to find that the TV still worked, the internet was running, there was food in the refrigerator, there was some loose change in the wallet, the evil government Grinch did not take my guns and the Bible is still the Holy Word. Life is Good! What could possibly go wrong this afternoon?


I spent the last week in Memphis, doing some work and visiting my side of the family. Good times had by all and I have stumbled across a couple of things that I predict will be big in 2013. I would like to share them with you and in doing so, take my place with the prophets like the Mayans. (I am not scared, I still have room on the calendar to make more predictions).


Prediction Number 1: Remember this lady’s name because by the end of the year, you will all know about her. Valerie June, describes her music as organic moonshine roots music. I would describe her as John Lee Hooker meets Dolly Parton.  Her music is a crazy mix of Blues and country. Normally, I would not be attracted to this style of music. I do like blues, especially live but only as a brief respite from my usual easy listening music of Metallica, Megadeth, and Five Finger Death Punch among others.  Her music had the ability to pierce my dark musical tastes and I can only imagine how much someone would enjoy her, especially if enjoy that style of music.




Let me tell you now and you can listen later. This lady has real talent and her music will change the industry. I never heard anyone like her, EVER! She has the look, the musical skills, the ability to write and she is easy on the eyes. A native of Memphis, she is gaining a large following in Europe and is about to sign a contract in the USA.  Check out her website here:


Prediction Number 2: Again more full disclaimer, I do not like Pimento Cheese. But my wife found a new addiction. Homemade Pimento Cheese from Tom’s Tiny Kitchen.


Meet Tom, this is directly from his website. “In 2009, Tom Flournoy was suddenly laid off. At age 61 – and at the height of the recession – finding a new job proved impossible. Never content to sit still, Flournoy developed a passion for cooking, and started tinkering with his mother’s pimento cheese recipe. He began making it and sharing with friends, who were bowled over by its flavor.”


stocking the shelves


Last night at a New Year’s Party, (I attended but was not partaking because I don’t drink AND because I was on call for work, therefore you can trust my recollections).  I and my wife met Tom’s son who brought some Pimento Cheese as a gift. A huge hit with everyone except me, my wife encouraged me to have a sample.  I have a transcript of the conversation for your enjoyment:


Wife: “You should try this Pimento Cheese.”

Me: “I’m good.”

Wife: “It is really good!”

Me: “”You said that about Pumpkin Soup.”

Wife: “My mom made that soup.”

Me: “Exactly!”

Wife: “Get away from me, you loser!”


Hope I did not include too much of the conversation, but you should take it from my wife, Tom’s Tiny Kitchen Pimento Cheese is really good. In fact, she has instructed me that if I do not have it in my possession when I return home, then I will not be allowed in the house. I am still debating that, ha ha.




She loved the Chipotle flavored Pimento Cheese by the way and raved about it to my parents. Later today, I have been tasked to drive across town to purchase some for the family, and I will be giving an actual taste test in the next couple of days. I will post the results here for your pleasure.


You can check out Tom’s Tiny Kitchen here


In closing, I want to thank all of you for making 2012 a wonderful year for me personally. At the urging of my brother, Greg I took the leap into the blogging world only five months ago. That simple step opened up some exciting opportunities and has allowed me to meet some wonderful people. I appreciate everyone who took time from your busy day to visit my site. It is extremely humbling to think that almost everyone who visits is not my mom.


I thank you all for the trust that you placed in me. You took the leap of faith that my posts were worth the time you gave to read them. I know many of my posts are extremely long and I hope you found something worthwhile. Thank you also to everyone who took their time to make a comment and so far the only person who called me a loser is my wife.


Until Next Time,


thank you

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  1. I will check out the singer and leave the cheese, thank you. Sounds like you had a great night. Happy New Year to you Rob– can’t wait to see what 2013 brings you!

    • Very fair Julie, keep the music and leave the pimento cheese for others. We had a great night and I should add how blessed I am to have a wonderful family. I am looking for big things from you as well. I hope that you find your niche very soon.

  2. Karlene permalink

    Happy New Year Rob. Tell your wife she’s awesome. My New Years was spent on call for the first few hours, until they called me. Then it carried me to Tokyo.
    Health and Happiness throughout the year!

    • Karlene,

      My wife is awesome!

      I was talking to some people last night, trying to explain reserve. To them it sounds perfect: Sit at home, watch the phone not ring, get paid.

      To us, it is different. Never have any long term plans, check the phone constantly for a missed call from scheduling, try to always be rested, finally get the call to go somewhere because someone called in sick, usualy because the weather is bad, be ready for a 16 hour day after you have been up all day, then the phone rings…rush to the airport, grab the prepacked bag, change in the bathroom before noticing you forgot to pack extra underware, rush to the airplane, meet the crew who is waiting on you, work the trip and go to the empty hotel room to spend another holiday away again…all that for just few dollars.

      Call me crazy, but I do love it…

  3. I’ll take both the singer and the pimento cheese. Her music sounds right up my alley. I love good, bluesy country. She does have the look.

    Pimento cheese…one of my delights in life. We used to have it all the time growing up, then it seems like people discovered it and it got pricey all of the sudden. I love a good pimento cheese sandwich and a glass of milk.

    Great post, Rob. :o)

    • Thanks Mike,

      I will let you know how the pimento cheese is. You might need to get ready to order some. Valerie on the other hand is a winner. You will dig her treats, I know.

      Happy New Year!

  4. Be seeing you around!

    • Not if I see you first!

      Reminds me of a story when my wife was very pregnant with number one. Her friend called and asked if my wife was around. I was sitting next to her on the couch so I replied…

      “We don’t say that in front of her…”

      Her friend and I got a big laugh out of that, and of course I got a nudge in the ribs. That still makes me laugh.

      • Now that’s funny! (Don’t let her read that…)

      • She was sitting next to me so she heard it all. It is one of our jokes, now. My wife has a great sense of humor. I am a very fortunate man.

  5. Egg permalink

    Did I miss the fireworks? Darn, I’ve been so busy plotting a political thriller some ratbag roped me into. Thanks for the tips. All of them, actually, regardless of how ridiculous they are.

    • Now you are over here bragging about your next thriller? Good, I am just glad that I am not that ridiculous ratbag. That guy probably has the talent of a 3rd grader who writes with a crayon.

      Besides, a good writer can take a ridiculous premise and turn it into a masterpiece. Who ever thought that Forrest Gump or Moby Dick were destined for greatness? Only the author, that is who.

      You are a great writer so make it happen!

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