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Anyone want a great deal on a car…?

December 21, 2012

crashed ferrari


Hey Y’all,


Looks like the Mayans were blowing smoke, and that we are going to hang out on Earth a little longer. I have a slightly used, low mileage 2012 Ferrari 559 GTO for sale. Make me an offer.


Let me know….


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  1. Karlene permalink

    I’ll start the bidding at $9.95

  2. Karlene,

    I think you have proven that you are a Airline Captain.

    For my non-pilot friends out there. What is the fastest way to make a coper wire?

    ANS: Put a penny between two Captains.

    Thanks for saying hi Karlene…time for me to move some boxes…

    Happy Holidays

    • Karlene permalink

      Lol… I love it. Actually I am currently a First Officer. But a pilot’s a pilot.
      Happy Holidays!

  3. Have a great Christmas, Rob! Happy holidays to you and yours!

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