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Fast Weekend…Long Week…

December 17, 2012



Hey Y’all,


I am very fortunate to have gotten home Saturday morning. It was nice to hug Donetta and the kids. We started a new tradition of “Elf on the Shelf.” The kids and Donetta knew all about it. As usual, I was the last to know about it. But, it has been fun. The Elf is named Nick, short for St. Nick. Anyway, the Elf is a trouble maker. Saturday night that guy wrapped the Christmas tree in toilet paper. Then last night, he turned some snowman chair covers backwards. That guy is just plain trouble and the kids love it.




I yelled at him this morning. He just sat there with cheesy grin on his face. The kids think it is great that the Nick the Elf is disrespecting me. My son said that Nick the Elf told Santa about me and I was on the bad boy list. I told them that I wanted coal and switches for Christmas. I need something to burn in the fireplace. My daughter pointed out that it is not a real fireplace, it is gas operated. I am about tired of the kids being smarter than I am. They kept laughing all the way to school. I dropped them off at school before heading out for peak week at FedEx.


It is normally tough to head out for a week on the heels of working the previous week. This is the third week in a row of working and I was a little sad. But, in all reality, I am still torn-up over the happenings at the Sandy Hook School. We did not keep up with events this weekend and really tried to spend time with the kids. I am having a tough time not thinking about the parents who lost their kids on Friday. It just plain sucks.




Several bloggers are suggesting a day of silence on the blog world tomorrow. I am going to support the day of silence.  I know it doesn’t do anything, but it is an outward sign of support. I had been planning a mock final post about the end of the world on Friday. I am not sure if I will do what I was planning or just ignore the Mayan Prophecy.



I have been thinking about the statement: “The pen is mightier than the sword.” I do believe that statement is true and have taken the very dramatic (for me) step of e-mailing everyone in my address book the idea of sending cards and letters to the school as a show of support. I keep focusing on the thought of the pinheads on the news reporting about millions and millions of cards and letters flooding the Post Office in Newtown. All offering encouragement and words of love to the folks; how great would you feel, if you knew that you were one voice in a wall of noise speaking with one voice with love. Wonder how they will explain, an outpouring of encouragement by the people of the United States.


I will hop off of the high horse and go dark now. Thank all of you for everything. If the world doesn’t end, maybe we can explore something fun before Christmas…


Here is the address:

Sandy Hook Elementary School

12 Dickenson Dr.

Newtown, CT 06482


I was just given an updated address by John Sergeant’s blog:

He wrote the following:

Apparently they would prefer us all to use PO Box:

Post Office has set up P.O. Box for public: Messages for Condolence for Newtown P.O. Box 3700 Newtown, CT 06470.


Here is the link to his blog…



God Bless

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  1. I can’t wait to actually have our elf, Twinkle, cause some mischief in our house next year when Addie understands… that’s if the world doesn’t end on Friday 😉

    Thank you for reposting about the silence.

  2. Thanks for the comments…That little Elf is a trouble maker. Tue night he tried to sneak under the glass lid that covers a cake my wife had made. He got stuck under the glass and the kids had to release him. I am not sure what he did last night, but my advice is to keep a close eye on him.

    Happy Holidays, and I think the season gets more fun as the kids get older

  3. I just read a blurb on NBC about the psychologist’s fear that the “Elf on the Shelf” concept of “you better be good…or else” isn’t effective. Yeah, I don’t know. But I do like how you’re using it in such a playful fun with with your kids. I bet you’re a fantastic father and your kids adore you! Merry Christmas, Rob– may you, your family, your work and your New Year be blessed in abundance and held tightly in God’s hand.

  4. Rob,

    You are on the something with this Nick the Elf. He would be so useful at my house…

    Who left up the toilet seat? Nick the Elf. Who ate all the snickerdoodles? Don’t ask me, ask Nick. Who changed the channel to the basketball game? I was watching Lifetime! Sorry honey, but you know that Nick.

    In fact, Nick could become a worlwide sensation, such as television…

    Who shot JR?


    Or politics…

    Who shot JFK? Who let Monica Lewinsky through the back door of the White House?


    Or professional sports…

    Who whispered “bet it all” into Pete Rose’s ear? Who slipped steroids in Lance Armstrong’s pee?


    Who left Santonio Holmes wide open in the endzone to let the Pittsburgh Steelers win the 2008 Super Bowl? The same little ratfink who left John Paxson wide open for a game winning three-pointer in the 1993 NBA Finals. It’s all becoming so clear to me.

    Nick, the Christmas Elf, terrorizing the House of Akers. Open your eyes, man!

    I hate the little creep already. He’s a punk, a scoundrel, a miscreant ne’er-do-well. I don’t trust him near my wife. I don’t trust him near my soup. I wake up in the middle of the night and curse his name, sweat pouring down my face, my fist shaking toward the heavens. I pray for my friend Rob and his family. I pray that God smite down that Elfin cur!. Whatever you do Rob, don’t let that demon out of the house. Don’t let him anywhere near Phoenix! Get out while you can!


    Whew, that was close.

  5. Thanks for the advice. That little guy is a problem child but I think my parents whish has finally come true. I have a child that was like me. I dont think it was an accident my parents waited seven years to make my brother and the probably was an accident.

    The good news is that I am onto Nick. I know all the tricks and I am experienced in trouble makers and evil doers. I am watching the guy.

    I didnt mention that his last name is Earp. His brother is from somewhere in AZ, I cant remember his name, but he is some kind of cowboy and likes to fight. Watch out for him and if you spot him, notify James and Rory immediately!

    • Hey, speaking of Earp. I have a friend named Wyatt Earp, a distant nephew of the real Wyatt Earp. He’s quite a guy (my friend, that is). His wife is a playwright and she has written plays about Wyatt, Doc, Big-Nosed Kate, and Mrs. Earp, whatever her name is. Wyatt has even performed one of the plays at my school.

      (It’s not often that I get to drop a name)

      I think Wyatt would say that Nick’s last name was Clanton. I’m not getting in the middle of this one.

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