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Unacceptable Day Today…

December 15, 2012

no pictures tonight, just words.


Hey Y’all,


Thanks to the act of a single scumbag, we as a nation are mourning. I can’t say anything positive about anything I have seen on television or read on the internet or the various blogs I frequent. My heart and prayers go out to those affected. Of course that is a given, but what can I do?


That is the thought that has filtered through my soul all day and night. If you are like me you are probably thinking, nothing. But I have a couple of thoughts and I encourage anyone to offer ideas. We are not a stupid nation and I know that collectively we can make good come from this.


A statement before I give you a suggestion. I firmly believe in with all my heart that guns don’t kill people. People kill people.  I do not want to start a debate about gun control. That is not my point, nor my desire. Please do not offer any point of view about gun control. I do not care. I care about the person behind the gun and the person in harms way.


Suggestion #1. Go look in the mirror. If you are not physically ill about this event; GO SEE A DOCTOR! Get some medication going and make your world a better place. There is no shame in saying that you need some help. Tell someone that you are going and take them with you. Have them hold you accountable for taking your medication. Take charge of your life, PLEASE! There is no honor in anything that happened today and I am firmly convinced that the scumbag left clues for those close to him. We have to be willing to help those who need help.


If you are physically ill about this event. Good, you are probably okay. Now, think about those in your family or circle of friends. If they are not right (Yes we all know who they are). Help them find help. If you are scared to talk to them or someone close to them, then maybe that is a sign that you really need to do this. If you can’t do it alone, call the police. They will do it. Everyone needs to know that this individual needs help.


As normal, well-adjusted people we all have a responsibility to look out for the dangers. My eyes are wide open. EVERYWHERE! I feel fairly safe inside my home. If I am anywhere else, I am watching. Even in Church. If you are watching, you will soon find those who don’t look right. When you fine them, just be aware of them. Yes, 99.9% of the time, nothing will happen. But if you find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time. You will not be surprised, and with the additional seconds this knowledge buys, you will be better able to protect yourself, your family and others. I pray than no one ever again finds themselves in this situation.


Suggestion #2 I found this from the blog of Robin Coyle. See her link here:

Her idea is to send a card to the school in support of the kids. I love this and I would love to see tractor trailer trucks at the school daily offloading mail in support of this school. Some of you reach a wide audience. We all have friends and families who can send a card. Flood the school with LOVE!


The school’s address is:

Sandy Hook Elementary School

12 Dickenson Drive

Newtown, CT   06482


One person brought evil to them. One nation can bring love and support back!


Suggestion #3. We will focus on the victims and rightfully so. When you look at the pictures of the grieving families, look in the background. You will see hundreds of first responders. Each of them works on the front line to protect society.  That is their job and I thank them.


What you do not see are the teachers who died trying to protect their kids. Six of them died today, heroes all. Don’t forget the countless number that immediately barricaded their room and followed their procedures to protect their kids.  I have no doubt that my kid’s teachers would protect my kids. I hope you feel the same about your teachers.


Suggestion #4. Pray, try to be positive and support those who are hurting. Both in Sandy Hook and in your world where ever that may be.


Thank you for allowing me to vent. Love you guys!

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  1. Icabu permalink

    Good suggestions, Rob. I know there are those out there that are capable of evil like this and there has to be people around them that have seen glimpses of this evil. It has to be addressed BEFORE it explodes into the unthinkable.

    My kids went to Sandy Hook Elementary – in VA. One graduated high school last year and the other graduates this year, so it’s been a while. But still, hearing that name chilled my heart. Seeing and hearing what happened in CT broke my heart. Maybe our Sandy Hook Elem. can reach out to those in CT to help them heal, at some point. For now, we’ll take Suggestion #4 for all involved.

  2. The card idea is a great idea!! Thank you so much for the suggestion. I”m going to pass it on!

    • Thanks, it isnt mine. It came from robin coyle. I am just one who is passing it on. Also heard that a day of silence on Tuesday is being proposed to honor everyone. No blogging and no comments. I will do that as well.

  3. Thought provoking post, Rob– and timely. Certainly, as a mama, this current situation brings tears to my eyes and is beyond any horror I can imagine enduring. As Icabu said, number four is a given.


  4. Randy Tucker permalink

    Thanks for the post. I have had to stop watching the news. They are determined to bring every bit of drama possible to this tragedy even if it means reporting it wrong before confirming the facts. I also realize it’s time to start really watching others around us. Thanks again for the wonderful meal and fellowship last weekend. Love ya bro.

    • Randy, Thanks for stopping by. It is tough to watch the news. I got home this morning and have tried to spend the day hugging on the kids. Sometimes it has been tough go grab my son. You can understand. It is a job to punish him opposed to having to deal with the parents in CT.

      Love you guys too!

  5. Such a sad time for us all. Thank you for giving something to do in the hopeless situation.

    • Thanks, as a nation, it is time we collectively unite and agree to stop the madness. Like Michael Jackson said, it starts with the man (woman) in the mirror.

  6. Rob;
    Thanks for the words. Found it tough to blog, anger, sadness, disbelief. Thanks for the address, posted it in the comments section of my post.
    Best to you and yours, stay well.

    • I have found it tough to do much other than hold my kids. Thanks for saying hi, we can all remember that for better or worse, we are all in this together.

  7. Amen. And I do feel sick…

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