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What are we going to do now…..

December 6, 2012

Hey Ya’ll



My how things change. I think the more appropriate phrase, is the more things change them more they stay the same.


Just four days ago, I was riding a wave of positive emotion, the wind at my back spreading the good tidings to all. Before I go on, let me state I am blessed. I have a beautiful, loving and supportive wife, two great healthy kids, an extended family and friends that are the best, I am healthy and we are close to deciding on a new home Church, there are two choices and both would be a great fit for us. I have a job that allows me to work in a field that I enjoy AND they send a pay check to my house every two weeks. I have some great friends who bring joy into my life. I am able to laugh with them on a regular basis. My kids go to a great school where the teachers, really care about them and are determined to help them grow as kids and as young Christians. I have a great house that is clean, warm, and decorated for the Holidays. Two loving 80 pound lap puppies and a cool cat. I have every gadget I want and the freedom to connect to the world on a regular basis via an open, uncensored internet.  That is my life in a nutshell and hopefully I am thankful every day for my blessings.


You might ask why was I so excited on Monday? My college football team was going bowling, again! This is going to be bowl number two in their 90 year history of College Football.  Life was perfect for me. Tuesday evening, my mom texted me asking if I heard. I had not and she sent a couple of cryptic messages which I could not decode. I was sitting in the airplane in New York, getting ready to push back so I could not get the answer out of her quickly so I had to break off the conversation. Seven hours later, I found out that my coach, Gus Malzhan had decided to leave Arkansas State and become the coach at Auburn. College coaches and farts are exactly the same: You can’t trust them!




Well there went the positive emotions, with wind died off and the Merry Christmas cheer.


Three days later I am still bummed out. Which leads to my question. How can I as a stable, 43 year old adult who once was entrusted to deliver death and destruction on America’s enemies can now feel like a fifteen year old who just got dumped by the chunky girl with pimples? Am I that shallow that I base all of my self-worth on a man who has made his life lying to eighteen year old kids and 43 year old alumni? That is pretty pathetic.




In 30 days from today, Arkansas State will still play in the Go-Daddy Bowl. This exact thing happened last year but this time the administration seems that they have been able to retain several of the assistant coaches. That will greatly help and I still believe the team can win the football game. But in the big picture of life this is a great lesson for all of us.


I am trying to become a published author and I have read/studied several books on the craft of writing. The one consistent phrase has been to show, not tell. That is true of life as well. I can tell my wife I love her, but my actions will show her if I really mean it. I can tell my kids I love them, but again they only see the actions. I can tell the world that I love Jesus, but he knows my heart.


It is all about trust. The only way to build that trust is by honesty and actions.




I read a post from my friend Julie Luek where she said she is having some doubts about writing and being good enough.  I will tell you that she is good enough and I do believe that one day we all will go to Barnes and Noble to purchase her book. You can check out her blog here:


I read another post from Pastor Jack where he described his most recent disappointments in his battle with cancer.  This time he is involved in an external battle not internal. He got two letters in the mail. One from a person who had stolen from his Church and the other was from the WV Baptist Convention documenting a doctrinal issue they had with him from six months earlier (before cancer).  Both of these letters hit him in a negative manner and were hugely disappointing to him. If you want to read the full post go here:




Maybe we are just all having a disappointing week. Maybe it is the holiday season or maybe it is the end of the world. I don’t know but I heard a song on the radio that pepped me up a little. Before I go on you should know that the songwriter (Kevin Dubose) wrote these words in 1983 was found dead in Las Vegas in 2007. He died from a cocaine overdose.  His band was called Quiet Riot and the song is “Bang your Head (Mental Health).”


kevin dubois


To a fifteen year old boy in 1983, this song rocked my core and spoke to my soul. Today as an irritated 43 year old it is my battle cry as a writer. This verse sums up everything I want to be as an author. My comments will be in parentheses. The words really are better with the music. If you want to travel back to a time when MTV actually played videos, go here:


Well I’m remonstrated (I had to look this up. It means to be disputed, objected and protested. That is a good way to start a writing career.)


Outdated, I really want to be over-rated (Do I want to write a book that moves seven people and I get a big award or do I want to write an book that sales seven million copies? I will take the sales and let others think I am a bad writer.)

I’m a finder and I’m a keeper (You don’t have adventures sitting on the couch)

I’m not a loser and I ain’t no weeper (If you try and fail, you haven’t lost. You have won)

I got the boys to make the noise (If the story is worth telling, then tell it. Don’t be scared)

Won’t ever let up (Never ever quit. Pastor Jack has been doing two long posts a week while enduring chemo and surgery to rid his body of cancer. I am not going to quit because of a bad day)

Hope it annoys you (No matter what you do, you will not please everybody. If you have critics then you are doing something right)

Join the pack (We are a pack. We are all in this together. We are the majority. We will overcome because there is strength in numbers)

Fill the crack (I think he was talking about his butt crack in the song. No comments necessary)

Well now you’re here (We are all somewhere and since we are all in this together)

There’s no way back (I enjoyed being fifteen listening to this song but I would never go back. I am a man now. This is our time to rule the world!)


Hope this helps you guys as much as it helped me. Now get off your butts and do something good, today. Show your spouse, family, friends, neighbors to you are a person of good will and action or you might turn into this guy. Bang You Head!


quiet riot


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  1. Hi Rob– mannnnn, being bummed sucks. But, you know, your friend Pastor Jack reminds me to pull the big-kid panties up and remember the true values of life. I wrote a follow up blog post yesterday about reframing our emotions and that helped me to get a grip.

    But you have the priorities nailed, my friend: Family and your faith. Yes sir. That’s it on the button. Thanks for the shout out and keeping Pastor Jack in the forefront of our thoughts.

    • It is all good Julie. I am sad that you hit a little bump in the road. You have a real talent and I mean it when I think I will be buying your books off the shelf at Barnes and Noble.

      Pastor Jack is a brave man and I honestly don’t want to find out how much courage I really have. Life is good when your biggest problem is a football coach left your team.

  2. Johnny T. permalink

    Rob, I’m enjoying your writing. keep it up.

    • Thanks Johnny. For those who don’t know Johnny and his wife Sandy, they are fantastically wonderful people. Honest, fun, loyal and devoted to Christ in every way. I don’t want them to be my neighbor, I want to live in their home.

      I have never told anyone this but the idea of Eddie, the character in my book, as a musician. I got the idea from sitting in Johnny’s man cave. He is talented and loves his rock music. Therefore, Eddie’s musical abilities come directly from real life Johnny.

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