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I am Thankful for fools…

November 23, 2012


Hey Ya’ll,


Hope the holiday is going as well as you could dream. At this very second, I could not be in any more danger if I was sitting in a lion’s den wearing a meat necklace. My family are life long-die hard Arkansas Razorback fans. I am not. When I was younger, I was highly encouraged to leave the house when the Razorbacks were playing any sport.  At this very second, the pigs are trailing #7 ranked LSU, 10-0.


Today, I am looking certain death in the eye. Unafraid I am doing my best impression of a chair that is sitting in a corner. I am not engaging in any discussions or making any comments in support of LSU. In fact I support only two teams, the Arkansas State Red Wolves and anyone who plays Arkansas. And, yes I will be in trouble when my mom reads this.


On to less important thoughts. I am thankful for many things this year. One of them is this idiotic woman.


For those of you who don’t know her story. This woman is named Lindsey Stone. She is an employee of Living Independently Forever, Inc. (LIFE), a non-profit organization in Hyannis, Mass., that assists adults with disabilities. As far as I can tell, she and her friend who took the photo were on a paid visit to Arlington National Cemetery. They took this photo in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Solider and put it on facebook for the world to see.


As a Veteran, I am offended and less than impressed by this woman and her attempts at humor.  As an American, I am proud that she has the right to be stupid.


I wonder if the people in Mecca would only demand that she lose her job if she took the same picture in front of The Prophet’s Mohammad’s Tomb?  Would they enjoy her humor?


What about in front of a Muslim prayer assembly? Would they celebrate religious diversity?


What about in front of Lenin’s Tomb in Red Square? Would she trust her life to their leaders considering their history of freedom of speech?


What about in the Terracotta Tomb of the Emperor’s Soldiers in China. Would they practice tolerance and love?


We live in a wonderful country and I celebrate Ms. Stone for giving us another opportunity to practice restraint. What should happen to her? I say nothing. It is not against the law to be a fool. And this lady and her friend are major league fools.


And I am a fool because I opened my big mouth at halftime. The lions are attacking from all directions.  I think my 18 month old nephew just told me to shut up. Wish me luck for the second half.


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  1. Egg permalink

    Yep, we all do stupid things. Hopefully, we all do good things, too. And I agree, it’s a blessing to have the freedom to do both.

  2. There is no law against stupid. But common sense would tell us to not get our stupid moments on a camera. And if someone gets a picture of the stupid act then maybe we should not make things worse by putting it on Facebook.

    “Like my mama always said: Stupid is as stupid does.”

  3. Rob, I respect your restraint, and the way you see a bigger picture here. I’m not so inclined to let her off the hook, by way of consequence. She lost her job, and she faces public scorn for her idiotic gesture. Is it all fair? Maybe not, but it is Karma.

    As for your football dilemma. In 2008, the Arizona Cardinals played the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Super Bowl. The Steelers won, my wife was elated, and our marriage remained intact. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    • Big Joe,

      That Karma thing is tough but it is fair. I do hope she is learning a lesson but it is one that we all should know. Don’t say or do something you might regret. If you do, then certainly don’t let it get out into the public world. When you jump into the world of public opinion, it is much better to be on the right side of perception.

      I was raised to be an Arkansas Razorback fan by my parents. It was all good until I went to school at Arkansas State. I knew that morally, it would be wrong for me to be a fan of both. I had to support my school. I believe that there are very few things in life where you can love two things. You can’t love two Gods, two women, and two sports teams. Unfortunately for my family, I take that to an extreme. I refer the Razorbacks as pigs, mockingly of course. In addition to snide/sarcastic comments that range from mean to rude, the nicest thing I usually say is when I keep my mouth closed.

      The Super Bowl between Pittsburg and Arizona was one of the best games ever. I was rooting for Arizona and I honestly thought you were going to win. That game changed my opinion of Big Ben forever. I did not think he was the guy that would lead them down the field and never thought he could make that pass to Holmes. Arizona did not lose that game, they just didnt have another chance with the ball.

      I am a Dallas fan and have forgotten what it is like to have a chance to go to the Super Bowl. Very depressing for me, I have a sad pathetic existence.

      By the way, how did your football team do this year?

      • Thanks for asking. The Heritage Eagles crashed in the second round. We still had the best season our school has had in years, so no regrets.

        I used to work with a teacher from Arkansas. Hoo boy, did she ever get the blunt end of a lot of teasing from the other teachers. Most of the punchlines were about her being related to everyone else in the state. Of course, I stayed above all the staff lounge jibbery. Not me. No way.

      • Big Joe,

        The only start a winning tradition is with a winning season. String a few of those together and soon you are Boise State. Great Job of teaching the team how to win. Good luck in the off season.

        When I came to West Virginia, my buddies used to tease me about being from Arkansas/Tennessee. (I was born in Arkansas and went to college there. I grew up in Tennessee and generally claim it as my home state) I never argued with them, instead I agreed with them. My favorite lines were:

        “When I left Tennessee and came to West Virginia, the IQ of both states went up.”

        “I was allowed to be a WV resident because I have all of my fingers/toes, my own shoes, most of my teeth and different DNA.”

        “Q. What does a WV girl say after sex?”
        “A. Get off me daddy, you’re crushing my cigarettes.”

        I love good natured teasing. I will be in trouble when my wife reads this since she is a native WV girl.

  4. Icabu permalink

    While I, too, have to respect this woman’s freedom to behave in such a manner, I did smile when finding out that publicly flaunting her hideous manners led to her dismissal. I am glad her employer exercised their freedoms as well. Like you pointed out, Rob, a similar action in other parts of the world would most likely result in far more than job loss.

    I just recently found a college team to root for – Oregon State Golden Beavers. My youngest was just accepted to attend next fall. They did not do well against the Ducks this weekend.

    • Icabu,

      I agree but there is another side to the lack of a job coin. She is now eligible for unemployment benefits. She will get two years of free money to stay at home. Additionally she gets education benefits to learn a new trade. I don’t know how much she made at LIFE, but that isn’t a bad trade. Thanks for paying your taxes so she has two years to learn her lesson.

      Congratulations on Oregon State. I have been to Portland several times but never to the rest of the state. It seems beautiful though. I wish him the best of luck. This gives me a reason to root for the Beavers during the Civil War.

      • Icabu permalink

        Gee, I’ve been unemployed for 9 months and haven’t received those benefits! It’s been a very humbling experience, actually. It’s like pimping yourself all the time for a job – and I don’t have a mark on my work history like hers. I just became ‘too expensive’ … used to be called experienced.

        Living in the middle of Civil and Revolutionary War ground, I didn’t understand why the Oregon/Oregon State game was named the Civil War. The Beavers lost this year … even though Corvallis is NORTH of Eugene.

      • Icabu,

        Sorry that you are having trouble finding a job. That is a tough position to be in and my thoughts and prayers to you and your family. I hope you find something suitable soon. A good friend of mine was on unemployment for a while and he got education benefits. He used them to get his auctioneer license and his real estate license. I am not sure how he managed to get them though.

        I don’t know Ms. Stone and cannot attest to her integrity. As a rule, I hesitate to make judgments based on a single picture but I would not be surprised if she has no honor, dignity or respect for herself. Therefore she will probably complain that she has to actually walk out to the mailbox to collect her unemployment check and then she has to take it to the bank because they do not offer direct deposit. To add to the insult the government cheese only comes in a five pound block. I am sure life is tough for her and her friend.

        How/why did your son choose Oregon St? Seems like a long way to go for school.

      • Icabu permalink

        Thanks, Rob. At least here in the Commonwealth, the unemployment benefits are direct deposit. I work almost as hard looking for employment as I did at the job I held for over 20 yrs. Two contacts are required to get the benefits, I average 5 – yielding 4 interviews and 0 offers over 9 months. 😦

        Oregon St is one of the top Nuclear Engineering schools – with some of the top ex-Naval Nuclear Engineers as instructors. Also, the top 25 graduates are guaranteed jobs – they normally have less than 25 Nuclear Engineer graduates, so it’s pretty much a given that all will be placed. They have a single reactor power station on campus run by the grad students that powers about 1/4 of the campus. Kind of like OJT.

        I qualified for govt cheese as an Airman living in the barracks!

      • You are lucky you live in a state with direct deposit. I know things are tough and I will keep you and your family in my prayers. I hope you find what you are looking for soon. Unfortunately, I did not win the lottery so I am not able to offer you a job. Sorry. I have not heard if Big Joe was a winner or not. He may be the mystery winner in AZ so there is still a chance.

        I took a Pre-Nuclear Engineering course in college. The first day of class the instructor gave a test. The second day he said that if a person did not make an 80 then this degree isn’t the right one. I got a 6 and changed my major. Ha Ha. I am impressed with anyone who is wicked smart like your son. Best of luck to him.

        I too ate the MRE cheese. It isn’t all it is cracked up to be.

  5. The last thing we need are more rules, and most people are idiots. You put those two together, and . . .

    • I found Mr. Deming while searching the blogosphere. A retired Air Force Pilot, he instructed knuckleheads like me in pilot training, and he survived. He must have mad skills.

      Check out his blog. He had two books in print and about to release number 3. This one is about pilot training in the T-38. Looking forward to a good read about aviation from someone who knows something. Can’t wait.

  6. Rob–

    Dropping by to say thanks for signing up for the Cheers, Cavanaugh Blogfest… I’m stoked you’re participating… it’s going to be epic… 😀

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