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General Petraeus Us once…Shame on You….General Betray Us twice…Shame on US

November 16, 2012

Hey Ya’ll


I have been glued to this scandal since it broke last week. Not because of the infidelity or the fall of a man who has been considered by most to be the savior. Highly regarded as one of the best and brightest in the service of our nation. General Petraeus has been a superstar of the Army for almost 8 years now. He is credited with changing the tide of Iraq and making it possible for the military to withdraw from that country.


Before I get to him, I must make a statement. I have never met the General in person. Nor do I know anyone who ever met him. All of my information and comments will come from my own personal experience as a former Air Force Officer and a citizen of the United States.


My wife and I were talking Monday night and I stated that I believed that this could result with the impeachment of President Obama. At this time, I felt that the time line was suspect. There were so many unanswered questions and I felt that this was all tied to the attack on Benghazi. I thought that someone in the press would be willing to truly investigate this event and uncover the truth about that day. Today I believe that the press is not going to investigate this issue and it will fade away to obscurity.  The entire event feels wrong and the facts do not add up to me. But, without a hard core investigation team like Woodward and Bernstein, my thoughts don’t matter.


Next, I don’t care about who was hooking up with who. I don’t care about who is e-mailing who nor do I care about the Housewives of the Pentagon. If I want that, I will watch something entertaining. This bores me to tears. Just to be clear….I DON’T CARE!


I do care when the Director of the C.I.A gets his face posted on every newspaper in the world. This agency was created to do bad things to other countries and do them in such a way that no one can find any evidence that the United States did it. How can we trust the CIA Director to be a good secret agent when he gets caught with the first woman he had an affair with. (His words) This affair lasted only a few months and only during his time as the CIA Director. (Again His Words).


I want my CIA Director to be like James Bond. Able to kill at the drop of a dime, able to make love to a beautiful woman without a shred of conscience and able to blow up a lot of stuff. At the end of the day, this fictional super spy can crawl into bed with a different beautiful woman to get the next day started right. This is one of my rules of life. If you can’t keep one affair a secret then maybe you should not be leading the nation’s spy agency. If you resign because you broke your personal code of honor then maybe you have too much moral DNA because there is no honor in bringing down evil empires.


I really believe that Mr. Petraeus is a man of honor. I think he tried to live his life by that code but in the end he found himself caught up in the celebrity of being a General. He began to believe what was written about him and that was his fatal flaw. He jumped into the deep end of the big boy swimming pool with the sharks of Washington. And they devoured him. The sad thing is that he never saw it coming.


When they caught him in their web of entrapment he was lost, alone and way above his pay grade. He made his reputation on intelligence and dignity. He made his way up the latter of command thanks to the advice, instruction and connections of his wife. Reaching the Apex of his career he had no more mountains to climb when he was offered a new path to serve. Leading the Shadowy Agency for only a year they put an op on and they snared a prize.


This prize catch would cover the failures of Benghazi, it would cover a failed foreign policy, it would cover a disorganized State Department, cover a muddled White House and most importantly cover the impending fiscal issues facing the country. I don’t care how you cut it, someone hit a homerun. I have no idea who put the hit on but everyone is using him now. The poor guy just wasn’t smart enough to see it coming. And that is the lesson for all of us.


Rob’s rules for a happy married life.

Know who you are and what you are not. If you are not picking up women when you are in your 20s, it is not magically going to happen one day when you are 60. It is not your lucky day, it is a trap!

It is much easier to continue to love your first wife, than to be living in a crack house because you have five ex- wives  and 12 kids while you struggle to live on food stamps because every dime you make is going to child support.

Question. What are the worst words ever heard during sex?

Answer. Honey I’m home.


Here is a link to Wikipedia with David Petraeus’ biography.


In it you will find that for the first 20 years of his career he only had a couple of deployments but for the most part he spent his time working on the staff of a higher ranking officer or studying at an institution of higher learning.  Prior to 2003, he had one combat tour to Bosnia and he only has one combat medal, the Bronze Star with a V Device. Every other medal he has is a non-combat medal. He was shot once during a trip to the rifle range while he was at Fort Campbell.  He was a man who spent his career in academia, not on the field of battle. Hours spent getting coffee for his commanding officer, not spent in shooting a weapon. He was never a warrior but at some point he needed a combat command to get another star.


From 2003-2011 he was deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan almost exclusively for eight years chasing the next elusive star. His kids were grown by then and he and his wife were left to follow their hearts. Unfortunately for them, they did not continue to grow their relationship. So when a younger woman with dreams of immortality started sneaking around the great David Petraeus he was ready to fall.


When you have artwork like this hanging around your office. You might be a little proud of yourself.


For those who think that this General is any different from the others, please read the following links. Starting with full credit going to the host of this blog:


They posted this link. It is a lengthy read and full of mature language but it offers the best insight on the failing of the General Officer’s in Iraq.  If I were trying to get a star and working on a PHD, I would learn from the mistakes of the men focused on in this article.


Thanks for the thoughts and prayers for Pastor Jack. He is in a bad way and if you have time, send him some encouragement.


Peace still sales but who is buying?


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  1. I think the General is going to come of this scandal scarred but ok, publicly, though his personal life is in turmoil. The bigger picture is quite different.

    What do you think Rob? Was he framed into the talking points about the video? Within 24 hours, he knew Benghazi was under planned attack by Al-Qaeda, yet he went public about the video being the cause of the attack, in a “spontaneous” assault. The question that I have, who framed him and who wrote the new marching orders?

    This is on the cusp of going to full-blown scandal. No one died under Watergate, or Lewinskeygate for that matter. This is different. I guess the real question is, does the public care?

    I sure hope so.

    • Big Joe,

      I agree that the General will be just fine in retirement. He may end up giving half of everything to his wife but that is a personal thing that deserves to stay private.

      I will take about what I know and what I suspect.

      I know nothing…everything is speculation for me.

      I suspect he knew before Benghazi that he was under investigation and I don’t think the President knew anything until the election was over. I think that following Benghazi, he decided to go along with the administration in hopes of keeping the thing quiet. I think that when the Republicans, specifically Rep. Eric Cantor found out about it on Halloween, he knew he was going to resign. Being a good solider he did not want to influence the election so he waited until everything was over to resign.

      I have no idea what he said to the Intelligence Committee but I doubt he said anything but the truth. He is a man trying to regain his honor if I am right about him.

      Now there are two possible scandals that could be very troubling to the current administration as I see it. The first is what happened or did not happen in Benghazi. Immediately following the attack, there were reports that the CIA and the military wanted to respond but were told to stand down. If that is true, is there a link between Petraeus, General Ward of the Africa command who has been demoted for improper travel expenses. According to one report he wanted to send a QRF (quick reaction force) to Benghazi but was ordered not to respond. Were General Allen and Admiral Starvids also in the chain of command? I don’t know but it seems like a lot of General Commanders are being removed/purged.

      See Link:

      The second and more potentially troubling is what the CIA doing there in the first place. Immediately following the attack the CIA said they were looking for MANPADS (man portable air defense system). This has not been refuted by anyone. Two problems with that answer. One is that they offered the explanation instead of being asked. The second is that they were told not to respond three times. Why not let them help if they were not doing anything wrong?

      I would like to see an independent investigation of the attack but I will not hold my breath.

      How this affects us and people like us? This is a great lead-in for a political/technical thriller. Lots of good stuff here for an enterprising writer to make a great novel. I am just saying.

  2. Interesting points Rob, delivered as only you can. Thanks.

  3. Thanks for the factoids about his career. I’m sure Petraeus will get either a lobbying gig, or an office at Princeton. No student or legislator will ever ask him about the scandal, and he’ll surround himself with male interns, most likely all with military backgrounds. He’ll retire in another bubble.

    • I agree 100%. I contemplated a comment about this but decided not too because the post was becoming too long. I have seen two interviews with former aids who were shocked that Petraeus allowed this to happen. When they were on his staff in Iraq, he was never allowed to be alone with any females. He created a protective bubble to ensure that nothing like this ever happened.

      Something changed when he went to the CIA. I think that he didn’t take any of his former aids with him and he found himself alone for the first time in his career. I also think that Paula Broadwell knew this and she became his most trusted confidant and then more. But instead of being a person of honor like Petraeus, she was a person in the mold of Glen Close’s character in Basic Instinct.

      Again, I am not excusing Petraeus. I think he portrayed himself as something he wasn’t. He is not a warrior, he is a college professor. He is not a gifted politician, he is a boy scout. He is not Patton, he is a staff officer that makes a great PowerPoint briefing. I never met him so I speak from only what I observe from afar and I admit that I could be totally wrong.

      I bet he will teach a great class at Princeton, I would like to audit it in the future.

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