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Happy Veteran’s Day

November 10, 2012


Happy Veteran’s Day,

Hope everyone is having a great weekend and to all my Veteran friends and family. Thank You for your service.


If you have time give a shout out to a fellow Veteran, friend and cancer sufferer.

If you think having cancer is a death sentence, check him out. His attitude is amazing, send him some positive thoughts and keep him and his family in your prayers.


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  1. Hey Rob– thanks for the heads-up about this site. I gave him a visit. Jule

  2. Thank you Julie.

  3. Roberino,

    Happy better-late-than-never Veteran’s Day. Thank you for your service.

    Over the weekend, my family had the pleasure of hosting a bunch if Marines and some of their family. Whatablast. Like one giant, beefy hug. One Marine served under my stepson and was there, in Iraq, when he was shot. This Marine, this hero, is also battling cancer.

    My money is on him…

    • Big Joe,

      Welcome back to the world! I am in great need of the guidance and inspiration that you impart from your blog. Hope the football team won the championship and I am sure you gave your team many Lombardi speeches.

      I cannot think of a better way to celebrate the Marine Corp Birthday than having a bunch of Marines over to the house. i am sure it was bittersweet because of your families loss but even more so, I am sure it was emotionally healing. Best wishes and prayers to you, your team, your family and to your Marines!

  4. MLSwift permalink

    Nice sentiments, Rob. Prayers to your friend.

    • Thanks Mike,

      I am not sure we would be considered friends. I think I met him once following a deployment overseas. At the time in my life, I was so bitter and full of negative energy that I would have told the Pope to go jump in the lake. It has been five years since I left the military and I am finally in a good place mentally. I am sure that if he remembered meeting me, he would have been less than impressed.

      I am sure he appreciates the well wishes for him and his family. I appreciate his honesty during this time in his life. He is really in a bad way but instead of hiding under the covers and suffering through the day like I would. He has a remarkable energy and positive spirit and he is so inspirational. It is rare to find someone who will cut through all the garbage and get to what is truly important. By reading his words I have found that he has a gift to do that. I have found myself rooting for him and offering prayers for him and his family during the course of the day. I believe in the power of prayer but as a practicable manner I do not access it very often because I have better things to do like cut my fingernails.

      I think that Pastor Jack and you are remarkably similar in your lives. This is because of your wonderful heart and the love that overflows out of it. You give all of your life and energy to your mom. I have never said it but that is a gift of true love. You are a warrior and doing God’s work here on Earth. It would be easy to ship mom off to a place and let her die a slow death just because you have the right to live your life. You have chosen to return that love to your mom and show your love to the world via your writing.

      Pastor Jack is lying in a hospital with a body that is riddled with cancer. He did nothing to create this cancer in his body, it just showed up one day. I can tell in his posts that he is not enjoying this process but he is not consumed with the pain, guilt and emptiness of this disease. He isn’t torturing himself wondering why. By his choice he is staying strong and positive to be an inspiration to his family and to the world. His soul, mind and heart are strong and he is fighting with passion, energy and faith. I am constantly reminded how wonderful men like you guys are and how much room for growth that I have. You guys rock and I suck!

      • MLSwift permalink


        Hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving. I’m sure you were surrounded by family and lots of love.

        Thanks for the backpat – but it is simply an act of love…I don’t know from where else I’d have the strength to get through this without the love of the Father.

        I do have to disagree with the last two words of your comment…not from what I’ve seen. You’re a good man, Rob Akers.

  5. Mike,

    You are very kind with your words. Thanks for the compliment.

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