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Get Your Sunday Best And Walk Into The Apocalypse

November 1, 2012


Hello Ya’ll


Despite Hurricane Sandy and the media’s best efforts, I am leaving tonight to enter the lost city of New York. My friend Bill is getting married tomorrow afternoon, and it is a go. The restaurant survived, they have a candle, a preacher and Bill needs at least one person to represent him. Without fear, I am going to wade deep into the land that time forgot to see the ceremony. I will let you all know how it goes, if I find bigfoot, a T-Rex or a zombie I will take a picture. Unarmed, unafraid, alone and dressed to impress people I dont know, I am ready for the apocalypse.


What could possibly go wrong?


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  1. Enjoy the journey and wedding. Safe travels. And don’t you know the cardinal rule for testing fates? Never, ever ask, “what could go wrong”!

  2. I just hope the Cloverfield monster didn’t wash up on shore… 😉

  3. Wish you all the best! 🙂

  4. Thank you all for the good wishes and support. If I see that Cloverfield monster I will get a picture of that as well.

    Sometimes in life you need an adventure. I cant wait!

  5. Weren’t you hit with a doozy last year as well? With the wind comes great stories…. enjoy.

    • Yes we were and you have a great memory. Over the summer the state of WV suffered a massive wind storm that left 80% of the state without power. We were out for 9 days and for my family, when the power goes out it takes the water with it.

      It was difficult but fortunately we were able to move in with some friends and we were okay. The people in the city are so densely populated that for many that isnt a option. Also, it is very tough to cram a second family into a 800 square foot apartment.

      They face a very big problem and unfortunately the government is not set up to deal with a crisis on this scale. That is why the Governors told people to leave the area before the storm. The storm isn’t the problem, it is the aftermath that causes havoc.

  6. Safe journeys. Should be some good close-out sales.

    • Thanks for the best wishes. It was a great adventure. Hope the novel is coming along.

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