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50 Questions..well 32 but who is counting?

October 21, 2012

Hey Ya’ll

I found these questions from the Blog All Things In Moderation.

I was drawn to their site by a list of the top 10 worst military generals. Anyway here I am and I thought this would be a chance to explore my candidacy for President of the United States. If you find yourself at a polling place on 6 November and you want to write me in for President, I promise that your vote will count and be officially wasted.


50 Questions

As inspired by MsJS’s “50 Questions Every Presidential Candidate Should Be Able to Answer Without Blinking” MsJS will be in charge of deciding what the final order is, but start plugging yours in:

1. Why are you running and what distinguishes your candidacy? (MsJS)

Just like the other guys, to get rich!

2. What did you major in in college and why? How many times did you change your major before you graduated? (Michigoose)

I was a Psychology major at Arkansas State University. When I enrolled, my roommate wanted me to join in as a Film/Television Major. That is what I signed up as but changed after the first semester. During orientation, I went to the Psychology Student Orientation after seeing all of the girls who wanted to be Psych Majors I knew my destiny.

3. Describe the foreign policy you would most want to emulate of the post WW2 POTUS of your choice, and how you would refine means and ends for today. (Mark)

JFK without the Bay of Pigs and a trip to Dallas.

4. What is the most recent mistake you’ve made? (bsimon)

Answering these questions.

5. What is your position on indefinite detention of U.S. citizens, a la NDAA? If you support it, on what legal basis? If you do not support it, do you plan to do anything to change it? (okie)(MsJS, I assume you will reorder these)(MsMS–I may have put this even ahead of your #1–Michigoose)

You cannot detain a citizen without a trial. Even criminals have rights. Especially those who run for President.

6. How do you respond to a heckler in a crowd who’s never going to vote for you? (MsJS)

Treat them with kindness until the cameras are off then have the Secret Service lock them up indefinitely.

7. Position on preemptive war? (okie)

Ask Japan how that worked out.

8. Why do you think the financial crisis occurred? What do you think your adversaries get right about the causes and what do you think they get wrong? (Brent)

Greed. If President Bush would have given the TARP money to the citizens, there would be no crisis and I would not be running for President.

9. What advice would you offer students of today and tomorrow who are leaving college with such high debt levels? (lms)

Don’t be a Psychology Major. Be a plumber, do you know what they charge per hour. Much more than a FedEx Captain and they make a killing.

10. If you do not agree with the policy of current immigration law, describe your differences, and do not limit yourself to the of handling undocs. Who should be welcomed to this country? Why? (Mark)

I would never send in the AFT to get Elion Gonzalez and I would not kick anyone else out either. Give them a green card and allow them to work legally. Of course that money will be taxed and I can hire some yard people legally.

11. Shouldn’t it be an absolute requirement that the Congress declare war before we send human beings into danger? (mcurtis)

Yes it should. Unless Congress wants to lead the charge.

12. In your opinion has the “War on Drugs” been successful, and if not what policy would you advocate to change it? (lms)

The War on Drugs is a sham. Legalize everything and tax it out of existence like coal and big trucks.

13. Assuming you are opposed to the individual mandate, how would you handle the “free rider” issue, in which the uninsured take advantage of free emergency-room care at taxpayer expense? (NoVA)

I don’t even know what that means.

14. The federal economic role in public primary and secondary school education was limited, in 1962, to funding the schools impacted by the presence of federal reservations and military bases, and to a national school lunch program that was a handy adjunct to Agriculture policy regarding surplus goods. Additionally, the Public Health Service had access to schools for vaccination of children against communicable diseases. What, if any, additional economic role do you think the federal government should be continuously undertaking wrt to public elementary and secondary schools, beyond that of fifty years ago? Why? (Mark)

I am even more confused than the last question. If there is another stupid question like this, the person who submitted it will be subject to indefinite detention.

15. Name a strength and a weakness of each of your challengers and why you’d make the better president. (MsJS)

They both work for the bankers and the rich. I will work for myself.

16. There are 15 Cabinet offices and 8 additional “cabinet level” officers. Fifty years ago, during the height of the Cold War, there were 9 Cabinet offices and 4 additional cabinet level officers. Do you see room for consolidation of cabinet offices in order to eliminate overlap in bureaucracy and budget and in order to make Cabinet meetings more productive? What would you consolidate? Why?Specifically, would you dismantle Homeland Security and return the functions to the Departments from whence they were plucked? (Mark)(Good one–I’d meant to put this one in, also.–Michigoose)

Everyone wants a job and there are very few people willing to take the cushy job in Libya. Cabinet posts for all!

17. If the US became energy-independent, how would that affect your views regarding the proper level of defense spending and our role in the Middle East? (Brent)

We have to break away from our slavery to the Arabs.

18. Where is the line between respecting candidates’ privacy and the voters’ need to know the strength of each candidate’s character? (bsimon)

I have no secrets, there are just things I don’t want to tell you.

19. Life expectancy in this country is X*. What do you want it to be, how much should we spend to get it there and where would you allocate the resources? (NoVAHockey)

Whose life expectancy are we talking about? If it is mine, then I will live forever. If it is someone I don’t like then they can leave anytime.

20. It has become fashionable of late for the media and/or your challengers to urge you to release your tax returns. Will you and why, or won’t you and why not? (MsJS)(*See comment, MsJS)

I don’t have enough money to be embarrassed about. It will be different when I am running for my second term.

21. Why or why not is it fair to characterize the GWOT as a battle between the forces of good and evil? (bsimon)

Very fair. Our enemies see themselves as good and us as evil. Who am I to complain with their logic?

22. O’Connor v. Donaldson in 1975 followed by Addington v. Texas, in 1979, expanded the civil rights of the emotionally disturbed and mentally handicapped. The unintended consequence of those cases was that the homeless population of incompetents burgeoned. Do you think this should remain a local concern, without any significant federal involvement? If not, what would you suggest the federal government should do? (Mark)

I was only a undergrad in Psychology. I am not qualified to comment on the mentally handicapped. But why does Joe Biden have a house and a vet sleeps on the street?

23. Would you obligate our defense forces to support Israel if it struck first against Iran and a war between the two nations resulted?If yes, what legal or other basis would you claim to support your decision, given that we have no mutual defense treaty with Israel, and given that for Israel it would have been a preemptive strike? (Mark)

We have given them enough beans and bullets to kill them all. We can’t bail them out everytime.

24. Defend the Constitutional use of drone aircraft in the killing of Americans (Michigoose)

Isn’t it better than indefinite detention?

25. What, if anything, should the government do about executive pay? (Brent)

Cut the pay, unless I win. Then I will definitely need the pay raise. I cannot support my family on 250 K per year. Slave wages.

26. Which is the worse outcome: allowing an unregistered voter to vote; or denying a registered voter their vote? (bsimon)

Any vote for me should be counted. Any vote not for me is probably not valid.

27. Describe how our Constitutional government is like a business. (mcurtis)

I was a Psych major, remember?

28. Do you think scientists, in peer-reviewed papers, are more interested in the apparent scientific truth or advancing a political agenda? (Michigoose)

Everybody has an agenda.

29. XXX

30. XXX

31. XXX

32. XXX

33. Did you ever bully a person, or were you ever bullied? Who did it and what did you do about it? (Michigoose)

I was thrown on top of the lockers my Freshman year of school. I took it like a chicken, unless I thought I could win the fight.

34. XXX

35. XXX

36. XXX

37. XXX

38. XXX

39. XXX

40. Besides Roe v. Wade, name 3 modern Supreme Court cases (post-1950) that you think were wrongly decided and why you think those decisions are Constitutionally suspect. (Mike)

Dude, I am still a Psych Major. What part of “do you want fries with that” do you not understand?

41. XXX

42. What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything? (FB, channeling Douglas Adams)

Faith, Hope and Love.

43. XXX

44. XXX

45. XXX

46. XXX

47. XXX

48. XXX

49. XXX

50. XXX

51. When is the last time you got a traffic ticket and what was it for (Michigoose)(guess who saw WAY too many bad drivers on my commute [all of about 3 miles] home tonight)?

Two months ago at 12:50 AM on I-240 in Memphis. 67 in a 55. I was passed by two cars before the police pulled me over. I am still ticked over that but I learned the lesson. You don’t have to be faster than the cops, just faster than the car next to you.


Hope you enjoyed the sarcasm and it got you to laugh.

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  1. we should make a serious list of 50 questions for wannabe ministers here 🙂

  2. I agree that as a voter, I should know how every candidate feels about all of the issues. The problem is getting a straight answer out of them. Much like my kids, they will say anything to get what they want.

    Good luck with the ministers in India. We will gladly accept all of the positive thoughts and prayers you can send to the United States. We need it.

  3. Fairlington Blade permalink

    Loved the answers and glad you enjoy the blog.


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