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it is the end of the world as we know it

September 20, 2012


Hello Ya’ll,

The last week I have been focusing on the book and rewriting. It is going good and I thank Wilson and Icabu for answering the 9-11 post. Peace out!

I have been thinking about this post for a long while and I have kept my comments to myself out of respect and not wanting to make anyone mad. However, today my goal is simple. Make the entire world mad at me.  Lofty thinking but within the realm of possibility.

Strap in and hang on!

I know that most of the readers of my site are Christian but I also know there is at least one atheist who follows me and I believe there are others who follow a different religion than Christianity. In order to respect your beliefs, I will say that I believe we are all connected on a spiritual level. Kind of like a spiritual internet and where we all can interact and influence each other via conscious thoughts and subconscious feelings.  Like most everyone else, I feel a general discontent within the society and the world. It seems that the world has been turned upside down, shaken and hell bent on destruction.

My question is why? I can’t answer that and would love to have your feedback on the reason.

No matter the reason I am sick and tired or being upset with the world. I am tired of reading e-mails from good hearted people who want to try to persuade me to believe their view of the world. I am not reading any more. It isn’t that I don’t care and I don’t feel the same way but it is not helping me in my daily life. You can keep me on list of not, just don’t expect that I will even open it.

I am not watching the news any more. I will stay informed but the news has de-evolved into propaganda. Every news anchor, commentator, cameraman, and producer has an agenda and I will no longer be a target of their advertising.

I used to find my refuge in sports. I still enjoy it, I think. But I am tired of watching ESPN and feeling like their agenda is to inflame my passions for whatever team they want to support. Sports have become a big business and I feel that I have lost that connection.  I will still pull for Arkansas State and Dallas Cowboys but why should I watch a game and allow my week to be determined on the outcome of a game. Both ASU and Dallas were pummeled this past week and Sunday night I felt horrible. The week earlier, they both won and I felt at peace. Something is wrong with me and I refuse to be manipulated anymore.

Several times in the past three days, I have had a conversation about drugs. Prescription drugs to be more exact. It seems that if my knee hurts, there is a pill for that. But that pill makes my stomach hurt. So I take another pill but that gives me a headache. Another pill to take and another side effect; the point is that if my knee hurts I need to get it fixed and move on. The answer does not lie in a bottle, the answer does not start by treating the symptoms. I am not saying that I will not ever take medicine, but I need more than a simple ache to justify the use of anything.

Psychosomatic drugs are much worse and their use is just as prevalent as Tylenol. They are dangerous and I know a lot of people who take them. It scares me more than any protest in a hot, sandy country.  Society has been turned into a mental asylum when we allow people with real mental issues roam our streets and who knows if they have taken their medicine. Doctors say that the withdrawal effects of Prozac mirror the withdrawal effects of heroin. No wonder people shoot up movie theaters.

This is a small list of what ails society and I could go on and on. But we all know what the score is. My solution is a simple one. From now on I am going to focus on being a positive influence in my world. I am going to smile, engage people in conversation and try to send them a positive vibe.  I am going to focus on what is important and ignore everything else. If President Obama does xyz, I will note it but unless I can change it I will let it go. If Mitt Romney says abc; I will treat it in the exact manner. I will not let it affect me and I encourage all of you to do the same. Hope your all still friends.

Now there is one item I could not let slide. My brother wrote an article in the Memphis Flyer about Time Travel movies. Here is the link…

I am posting my response just because. If you have a better list both of us need to know it.

Thanks to you all for checking out the blog.


I expect so much more from someone who is a supposed expert in the movie field. Quite simply you choose some poor movies and your research skills are not up to the standards of a person who is a guest on the highly respected Chris Vernon show.

Your list:

Final Countdown

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Time Bandits

The Terminator

12 Monkeys

My comments:

The Final Countdown. Very good selection and should make the top five of any list. However, the Navy jets were F-14s not F-16s. The F-16 is an Air Force fighter. You should know this and if you didn’t it is easily researched.

Bill and Ted…Really? A terrible movie with horrible actors. Just because you got your High School History teacher to play the movie is more of a reflection of her teaching ability than a example of this being a movie that should ever be watched. No wonder your generation is so messed up. I still call Socrates So-CRATES. Just because it makes people mad.

Time Bandits…Again Really? Just because Sean Connery is in a movie doesn’t make it watchable.  That was another b list movie made by B list actors and reviewed by B list reviewers. Worst choice on your list and you put it number 3.

Terminator…Can’t really argue but you are right. You should have chosen T2. Much better movie.

12 Monkeys…Yes! Good choice.

You got 1 solid choice out of five. 20% from someone who got an “A” from Mrs. Carter? I skipped her class daily and got a “C”. What does that say about the quality of the education system, I am not sure but your list is really bad.

5. Groundhog Day- Bill Murray vs. Keanu Reeves?

4. T2 -Simply one of the best movies ever.

3. Highlander -Much better choice and Sean Connery gives a better performance.

2. 12 Monkeys I agree, great movie even if Brad Pitt is in it.

1. Butterfly Effect -Amazing movie on so many levels.

Here is his response:

rob19: I’m not sure you can convince me there’s a difference between an F-14 and an F-16.

Regarding your list:
Groundhog Day is not a time travel movie. Bill Murray getting daily moral do-overs doesn’t make it about time travel, regardless of how good the movie is. Disqualified.

T2 is the superior film but less interesting about time travel than T1. Overruled.

Highlander: Seriously, dude. That’s not a time travel movie. Just because people are immortal and live for hundreds of years doesn’t mean they can skip around in time. Ignored.

Butterfly Effect: Didn’t see it but it has Ashton Kutcher so I’m pretty sure it sucks. Disregarded.

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  1. Icabu permalink

    Hey, Rob – if you check out just about any period in humanity’s history, you’ll see just about the same issues we face today. All of the instant communication magnifies everything, I feel. Would there be so many violent protests if the whole world wasn’t watching, fueling? I have a mental filter for most of the crap happening outside my sphere of influence – a sanity filter. I don’t do Facebook or Twitter for that reason – my REAL life is enough for me, I don’t need a virtual one too.

    I see one of your problems … Dallas? I’m sorry! 🙂
    Steelers, dude. I’ll root for Oregon State if they accept my son (on academic scholarship, not sports).

    Not much of a movie person. Entertainment purposes only, if I’m lucky.

    Chin up – write something fun and inspiring. I’ll send you a toast with my next shot of JD.

    • You speak the truth, Sister. I know history is filled with examples of the powerful working to increase their power while the innocent just try to live a life. It is the way of the world. I wonder if there has ever been a period where this didn’t happen? That might be a good topic for a post.

      Anyway, I digress. Like you, my filter is thick and catches most everything. What little makes it through, gets a strong dose of so what and if it is still important, then I deal with it. I do not engage in Facebook either. I strive to limit my household drama and I never watch reality TV. Which really limits my options. Phineas and Ferb anyone?

      At least you don’t like the Deadskins. I guess everyone has a fault and mine is the Cowboys. I was very close to being a Pittsburg fan though. When I was 6, my best buddy, Kevin Green and I decided to be Dallas fans together. In the 70s there were only two choices and we thought the stars were cooler than the black and yellow. Dang that was lucky.

      I guess I did strike a nerve because I have gotten several verbal comments asking if I am okay. The answer is yes, I am great. My family is great and we are rocking and rolling. My comments were in response to others who are not so great. In the past week, I got an e-mail from a friend saying he was done with those who are rioting. He is preparing for a war. Another person nearly had an emotional break down because of the country, the politics, the world situation and her football team sucks. Another friend, had a meltdown over a Facebook post. I know people who have been married for years who are completely miserable and only have hallway sex (SCREW YOU…no SCREW YOU). These are just a few examples of my friends who are emotionally out of control.

      All of these people are not only very close to me they are mature, committed Christians. I believe the reason they are failing apart is because of the things I listed in my post. Television, the news, politics, sports, pharmaceutical medications have got to be the cause. We need to step back and get a grip. Spend some time in joyful prayer and meditation with whatever it takes to relax us is the first step.

      I see your toast and return it with a shot of coke…straight…caffeinated…in a can. As I sit with some easy listening music going (Five Finger Death Punch). Back to writing something happy about a group of people who seek evil and then destroy it with a vengeance.

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