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the towers

September 11, 2012

the towers

September 11th…

We all know what today is and we can all look forward to national media flooding our collective memory with the sights, sounds, pictures and reactions of this day eleven years ago. Today I am turning over the blog to you. I believe it is important to express our views and feelings to each other. I know there are several folks out there who are not United States citizens. I think it is great that you are here. I thank you for checking me out and I hope you feel the freedom to express your thoughts as well. My question to you is three fold.
1.Where were you that morning?
2.How has this single event changed your life?
3. How have your thoughts changed in the past eleven years.

Thank you all for the support, thoughts and encouraging words.


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  1. Wilson Hara permalink

    Hi Rob,
    This is Wilson from wd. First, let me introduce myself, my name is mina Wilson Hara , housewife, I am half Japanese, a quarter French a quarter Iranian…! And am writing to you from Singapore. Answers 1. Was in Tokyo with my husband
    2. My husband was a broker at cantors fitgeralds, he lost many friends on that day and retuned home. He also lost his job. He is a quiet man, we never really talked about any of this, but whenever the anniversary comes round, he visits our local shrine.
    3. Very good question and hard to answer…I think basically my thoughts have not changed…I am still the same person, no warier and just as simple – I don’t want people to die before their time, regardless of their background. (sorry, am sounding practically dumb, let’s put it down to jet lag?!)

  2. Mrs. Wilson. Thank you for your comment. For those who don’t follow the writing prompts on the Writer’s Digest website. This lady is one of the highly talented writers in the world. Her stories are riveting and chalk full of historical references. One of her passions is pre-World War II stories. She is simply marvelous.

    You said about your husband: “He is a quiet man, we never really talked about any of this, but whenever the anniversary comes round, he visits our local shrine.”
    I personally did not know anyone who died that day but I can tell from the short view into your marriage relationship that husbands and wives are all the same. I served in the military with 120 wonderful men and women. I was over there for almost 2 years spanning several different deployments over a four year time frame. In the years that have elapsed, I have shared several stories with my wife and family but rarely if ever how I felt during that time. I know my military friends are much the same way.

    I would guess that since you know the story of 9-11 through your husband’s eyes, there is not much for him to talk about except how he feels. I do not care what nationality a man is from, it is a very difficult for a man to openly describe a feeling. It is too personal and intimate for most men, including myself to ever conceive of doing. My advice to you would be to give him his time to grieve in his own way. Be there for him and build on the trust that he has placed in you.

    When I wrote this post, this is exactly what I hoped someone would post. Mrs. Wilson, you are a leader and I hope others will follow. We know the devastation and cost that this one day had on the world. But we can’t know the personal toll unless we talk about it. The personal cost following a world changing event is incalculable.

    Thank you for sharing some insight into your heart and mind. We all live in this large world but it becomes much smaller when we open up and allow others a peak into our souls. You are a brave lady and I appreciate you. Enjoy Singapore, I have never visited but I have heard that it is a wonderful city.

  3. Icabu permalink

    Hey, Rob. Like most, I was at work. Our boss had called in sick, so we were pretty loose. Then our boss called us to tell us to look at the news on the web – he was watching on TV. It was quite a shock. My kids were sent home from school (to day care in my case) early. I remember being home the days after when flights were grounded – it was sooo quiet. We live about 40 miles outside of Dulles International and several flight paths go over our mountain. Didn’t really notice the air traffic until it was gone. That quiet carried the ominous overtones of the horror that caused it.

    Our company has a sale office in Manhattan and the receptionist called me on her company Blackberry (cells weren’t as prevalent then) and I talked with her as she walked from 5th Ave, across the bridge, to her home. Our company also gave server space to some of our customers who had offices in the Twin Tower buildings afterwards until they got back on their feet. Nothing lifesaving, but a helping hand.

    That event, and subsequent, have emphasized the depths of hatred that some factions have for freedom loving peoples. It is a hatred that knows no depths and makes the unthinkable a horrific possibility. I find myself less shocked by their antics now, and more saddened.

    • Thank you for your story, Icabu. I agree that the hatred of some around the world is very disturbing. I believe that 99.9% of the world’s population is kind and just wants to live in peace. It is the .1% that messes everything up.

      If we could get the world to sit down and have a drink together. In your case Jack D. and my case Coke we could begin to make the world a better place. Maybe put on some soft easy listening music (Iron Maiden) and write stories of peace, love and happiness. I am sure everything would work itself out.

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