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August 23, 2012

Hello friends,

I have been viral for almost 2 weeks and to date 139 friends have visited the site and several have left comments. The most humbling part of this whole experience is that none of these people are from my personal life. Every visitor has come from the Writer’s Digest website. I am a regular poster on the weekly writing prompts.

The real Bill Rimes and I spoke a couple weeks ago. I told him that he had quite a following and he suggested that I start a blog and post a story exclusively on the blog. Then with minimal advertising, see what kind of response it would receive. I am overwhelmed by the result.  Thank You All!

As of today, only 8 people in my personal life know that I have entered the writing world. Donetta is my biggest supporter. The real Bill rimes who was the person who pushed me into this world.  My Mom and Dad who have read the first draft of my book and offered much advice and support. My brother Greg and his wife Jeanine. Greg is the co-writer and really the brains behind the operation and Jeanine is the glue that holds this thing together. Finally Joe and Jeanine (different from my sister in law). Joe is my technical advisor and his Jeanine is a special lady full of class and dignity.

It is time to start telling the world that I am writing. I am very nervous about the prospect but excited at the same time. It is time to redefine the world in which I live.

A shout-out to four bloggers that are making it happen in the writing world.

http://the   Joseph Schwartz is on the move and I want to follow in his foot steps.  With one book in print and number two in the works, his site is full of great discussion topics. A teacher by trade, his lessons provoke deep though and challenge everything that I thought I knew.   Captain Harrison Jones is a wonderful writer and supporter of all things aviation. With two books in print and number three in the works, his site is great for anyone who wants to know the inner workings of the aviation world.  Julie Luekenga must be one of the bravest people ever. She quit her career to pursue her dreams of becoming an author. Her site is perfect because she opens her blog to reveal her thoughts, fears, successes and emotions to everyone. The point is that we are not alone but connected via the internet and through it we will all find success with honor and dignity. A site published by an anonymous writer/world traveler.  His quest is to “discuss a technical element of writing, with reference to various ‘How To Write’ books, and from the perspective of a beginner (that’s me).”  He is a regular on the weekly writing prompts and one of my favorite authors.

Thank you for visiting.



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  1. Julie Luekenga permalink

    I’m flattered– very, very– that you mentioned me. I’m humbled. And let’s add frightened to that list. After all, people might start visiting with expectations now! I also appreciate the nods to other blogs. I’m always looking for other sites to expand my horizons.

    Rob, when I first added “writer” at the top of my blog with, good heavens, my whole name, I felt like cringing. Somehow going public with the title and identity is, at least for me, incredibly scary. Because then people ask, “so what have you written?” or sometimes worse, “what are you working on?” It’s a welcomed question when I’ve sold a piece. It’s the most condemning question I can think of when I’m in, as I am now, the cold pit of writer’s hell wondering if I’ll ever compose anything worthwhile again.

    But if we are, or are trying to be, a writer, let’s take a deep breath and say it. I figure eventually, my psyche will catch up with my boldness and I’ll believe it and maybe ultimately, act like it.

    Thanks again for the nod in my direction. You humble me. 🙂


  2. Thanks from me too, Rob. I bow to the bravery of both you and Julie – it’s a huge step to proudly say “I am a writer.”

    I am still in that cold pit of writer’s hell that Julie’s referring to, though I like to think of it as ‘the learning stage.’ I’m willing to observe, practise, experiment, stuff-up, and produce really crappy stuff for the sake of getting better (but I’m not willing to put my name to it in case it haunts me when I’m that keynote speaker you spoke about – ha ha – as if. I hate public speaking anyway.)

    It’s amazing and great that, regardless of the market competition, writers are still so supportive of other writers. (Thanks, by the way.)

    I take courage from your personal story above, and I’m so thrilled about what you and your brother are doing.

  3. Welcome to blogland, Rob. It’s a stellar place full of inspiring bloggers. I’ve been online since 1994, but only ventured into blogsphere in 2008. Haven’t looked back. You need to add a follower widget so those of us who want to follow can.

  4. If I knew how to do that I would. I will research it and try to get it done. Thanks for saying hi.

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