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July 16, 2012

sometimes the only way to see is to look with a different perspective


Hello Everyone,

Like everyone else is the world, I am seeking a new challenge. Challenges are never easy and I begin this quest this fully aware that it is very possible that I will fail according to the world’s standard. To me failure is only failure if I fail to try. Meeting the challenge head on is my only goal and the only measure of success is my personal standard. That standard is consistent during the course of a life full of constant change in an ever changing universe.

All creatures find themselves somewhere on the evolution timeline. Each stage of life has a beginning, middle and end. I believe that we either evolve or wither. I choose evolution. In my life, I have had the distinct blessing to be somebody to someone. I am a Christian, Husband, Father, Son, Brother, Friend, Mentor and Student. Those titles will never change because some roles must remain rock solid to produce a life that is lived with integrity and honor.

Professionally it is time to for me to evolve. In my professional life, I have several hats which have culminated with reaching the pinnacle of the aviation career track, Captain. It a career that has blessed me, continues to bless me and one that I will not forsake. However, it is time to venture into uncharted territory. That territory for me is published author.  Long ago, I thought that I would like to write a novel like Tom Clancy and today, I am moving towards that goal. My brother, Greg and his wife Jeanine are my writing mentors. Their suggestion is simple and direct; WRITE!  Following their command, here I am.

This site will include short stories, articles for local publications, updates on my novel titled “SOG -The Book of Lot,” and anything else that needs to see the surface. Additionally, I will link several friends who inspire me to be a better person, author, or friend.  Please visit their sites and spread your encouragement to these fine people.

As you visit, please leave any comments in your wake. Like all humans, I love positive comments, but I am a big boy and if you have a critique or even a negative comment, please feel free to share. The only way to grow is to work hard and sometimes that work is harsh. I wish everyone who visits here find these three things in their lives: Faith, Hope and Love!

Rob Akers


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One Comment
  1. Julie Luekenga permalink

    Rob, I love that you have started this adventure. I feel that mixture of joy, anticipation, fear and panic. I’m right there with you. I gave up a 22 year career in higher education to pursue this dream, having know idea if I even really have the writing chops to see the vision to fruition. I’m cheering for you. You are a wonderful writer, and I know many of us at WD have been urging you to pull stories together for a novel. I will be here waving my pom-poms (sorry no short-skirt cheerleader outfit– I’m just too old ;)). Go Rob!

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